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Trampoline Court Add-ons

Vuly Fusion features a range of options to diversify your trampoline park – all while offering the safest experience possible.
Sky Slam
The popular ‘basketball and bounce’ trampoline park system is safer than ever on Fusion. With a protected ring and backboard, everyone can jump high and slam dunk in safety.
  • Height adjustable to suit all ages.

  • Padless lanes prevent injuries after a dunk.

  • Modular design allows you to expand lanes endlessly.

Size: Variable

Air Bag
Diversify your trampoline park, and add a spongy landing that allows users to experiment with all their favourite tricks.
  • Better than a foam pit – with no loose parts.

  • Supported by BagJump, for minimal maintenance.

  • Seamless transition to platform, which prevents entrapment.